Understanding others’ experiences and frames of reference

Emphaty is an element of Emotional Intelligence witch is a compendium of stable personality traits, social-emotional competencies, motivational aspects and variuos cognitive skills (BARON, 2000; BOYATZIS, GOLEMAN & RHEE, 2000; GOLEMAN, 1995).


Characteristics of electronically mediated communication:

  • Fewer visual cues (especially written).
  • Perception of anonymity.
  • Physical distance. Increased experience of negative emotions and also less awareness of their effects.
  • Synchronous/asynchronous.
  • Time management.
  • Impersonal, uninhibited, even hostile behavior.
  • Affects personal connection, misunderstandings, mistrust, mistrust.

Social constructivism paradigm (Vygotsky): learning through social and networked interaction.

Empathy: awareness of other people’s Feelings, needs and concerns.

1. Understanding others: having the ability to understand other people’s feelings and points of view and to take an interest in their concerns.

2. Service orientation: anticipating, recognising and meeting the needs of others (learners, customers, co-workers…).

3. Embracing diversity: taking advantage of the opportunities offered by different types of people.

4. Political (group) awareness: ability to be aware of the emotional currents and underlying power relations in a group.



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